How to Spot a Damaged Drainage

Regardless of our attempts to prevent drainage damage, the incident, unfortunately, does occur. When it does occur, the entire surrounding environment gets affected as a result. You will find it difficult to breathe because of the undesirable smell in the air and you also become more susceptible to various contagious illnesses. Instead of lamenting over this inevitability, what we can do is learn the signs that give away this damage. Once you identify the plumbing issue, remedying it immediately will prevent the problem from deteriorating into a worse condition. Thus, make sure to look out for the following.

Drainage clogging

A common give away of this problem is blocked drains. When the drain gets clogged, you are at risk of drowning your basement. Your basement or even your bathroom or kitchen get can get flooded if this problem goes unnoticed. Therefore, as soon as you spot it, make sure to reverse the effects immediately. You must first identify where the clog has occurred. For example, if it is in a secondary line, there is no need for you to repair the entire system.

Undesirable smell

Nasty odours are the common (and most disgusting) symptom of this problem. Usually, these odours occur as a result of the dirty drainage water being leaked into the outer environment. The only way to get rid of this smell is to eliminate the source of the smell, which in this case is the leaked water. Although it can be pretty disgusting to do, remember that these odours can affect your health to a great extent.  Inhaling them for a long period can affect your senses and damage your immune system as well.

Inadequate water flow

Improper water flow is a common consequence of a damaged drainage. This can be very inconvenient, especially during a busy day. When your mainline gets damaged, various water distribution lines in your home will get affected as a result. For example, you will notice slow water flow in your bathroom shower or kitchen sink, it means that you need to fix you block drainage. However, make sure that the problem is not in the individual system. That is, your shower can be slow due to a problem in the shower itself. In this case, you need not repair the entire system.

Tree root

This is a symptom that most people are not aware of in general. This is because it does not occur in all clogged drainage scenarios. This will only be evident if you live in an ancestral house. A damaged pipe that goes unnoticed can get invaded by tree roots. Even the smallest of holes are sufficient for the roots to creep through and grow. When the pipes are filled and stuck with roots, the water flow will not only get damaged and impure, but as a result your entire drainage system will also get affected. Thus, make sure to look out for evidence of root growth in your pipes every once in a while.

The complications that can arise due to this problem are often underestimated. It will not only ruin the beauty of the atmosphere, but can also affect your personal health as well. Therefore, regardless of its inevitability, keep an eye out for the above mentioned signs. It will reduce the level of damage that can be caused and will enable you prevent the situation from deteriorating into a worse condition.